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China Hot selling Agriculture Gearbox Patrol New Design Bevel Mixer Tractor Motorcycle Harmonic Overdrive Satellite Antenna Generator Bike Reverse cvt gearbox

Product Description

  Agriculture gearbox patrol new design helical bevel mixer tractor motorcycle               harmonic overdrive satellite antenna fuller generator bike reverse

Application of Agriculture gearbox

Agricultural gearboxes are used in a wide variety of agricultural applications, including:

  • Tractors: Agricultural gearboxes are used in tractors to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. This is necessary for operations such as plowing, planting, and harvesting.
  • Combine harvesters: Agricultural gearboxes are used in combine harvesters to transmit power from the engine to the threshing and separating mechanisms. This is necessary for operations such as harvesting grain and soybeans.
  • Balers: Agricultural gearboxes are used in balers to compress hay or straw into bales. This is necessary for storage and transportation.
  • Plows: Agricultural gearboxes are used in plows to turn over the soil. This is necessary for planting seeds.
  • Planters: Agricultural gearboxes are used in planters to plant seeds in the soil.
  • Harvesters: Agricultural gearboxes are used in harvesters to collect crops from the field.
  • Sprayers: Agricultural gearboxes are used in sprayers to apply pesticides and herbicides to crops.
  • Fertilizer spreaders: Agricultural gearboxes are used in fertilizer spreaders to apply fertilizer to crops.
  • Tillage equipment: Agricultural gearboxes are used in tillage equipment to prepare the soil for planting.
  • Other: Agricultural gearboxes can also be used in a variety of other agricultural applications, such as irrigation systems and CZPT feeding systems.

Agricultural gearboxes are a vital part of modern agriculture. They are used in a wide variety of applications to transmit power from the engine to the various implements that are used in farming. Agricultural gearboxes are designed to be durable and reliable, and they can withstand the harsh conditions that are often found on farms.

Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Function: Distribution Power, Clutch, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Layout: Three-Ring
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Torque Arm Type
Step: Stepless
US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Choosing a Gearbox For Your Application

The gearbox is an essential part of bicycles. It is used for several purposes, including speed and force. A gearbox is used to achieve one or both of these goals, but there is always a trade-off. Increasing speed increases wheel speed and forces on the wheels. Similarly, increasing pedal force increases the force on the wheels. This makes it easier for cyclists to accelerate their bicycles. However, this compromise makes the gearbox less efficient than an ideal one.


Gearboxes come in different sizes, so the size of your unit depends on the number of stages. Using a chart to determine how many stages are required will help you determine the dimensions of your unit. The ratios of individual stages are normally greater at the top and get smaller as you get closer to the last reduction. This information is important when choosing the right gearbox for your application. However, the dimensions of your gearbox do not have to be exact. Some manufacturers have guides that outline the required dimensions.
The service factor of a gearbox is a combination of the required reliability, the actual service condition, and the load that the gearbox will endure. It can range from 1.0 to 1.4. If the service factor of a gearbox is 1.0, it means that the unit has just enough capacity to meet your needs, but any extra requirements could cause the unit to fail or overheat. However, service factors of 1.4 are generally sufficient for most industrial applications, since they indicate that a gearbox can withstand 1.4 times its application requirement.
Different sizes also have different shapes. Some types are concentric, while others are parallel or at a right angle. The fourth type of gearbox is called shaft mount and is used when mounting the gearbox by foot is impossible. We will discuss the different mounting positions later. In the meantime, keep these dimensions in mind when choosing a gearbox for your application. If you have space constraints, a concentric gearbox is usually your best option.


The design and construction of a gearbox entails the integration of various components into a single structure. The components of a gearbox must have sufficient rigidity and adequate vibration damping properties. The design guidelines note the approximate values for the components and recommend the production method. Empirical formulas were used to determine the dimensions of the various components. It was found that these methods can simplify the design process. These methods are also used to calculate the angular and axial displacements of the components of the gearbox.
In this project, we used a 3D modeling software called SOLIDWORKS to create a 3-D model of a gear reducer. We used this software to simulate the structure of the gearbox, and it has powerful design automation tools. Although the gear reducer and housing are separate parts, we model them as a single body. To save time, we also removed the auxiliary elements, such as oil inlets and oil level indicators, from the 3D model.
Our method is based on parameter-optimized deep neural networks (DBNs). This model has both supervised and unsupervised learning capabilities, allowing it to be self-adaptive. This method is superior to traditional methods, which have poor self-adaptive feature extraction and shallow network generalization. Our algorithm is able to recognize faults in different states of the gearbox using its vibration signal. We have tested our model on two gearboxes.
With the help of advanced material science technologies, we can now manufacture the housing for the gearbox using high-quality steel and aluminium alloys. In addition, advanced telematics systems have increased the response time of manufacturers. These technologies are expected to create tremendous opportunities in the coming years and fuel the growth of the gearbox housing market. There are many different ways to construct a gearbox, and these techniques are highly customizable. In this study, we will consider the design and construction of various gearbox types, as well as their components.


A gearbox is a mechanical device that transmits power from one gear to another. The different types of gears are called planetary gears and are used in a variety of applications. Depending on the type of gearbox, it may be concentric, parallel, or at a right angle. The fourth type of gearbox is a shaft mount. The shaft mount type is used in applications that cannot be mounted by foot. The various mounting positions will be discussed later.
Many design guidelines recommend a service factor of 1.0, which needs to be adjusted based on actual service conditions. This factor is the combined measure of external load, required reliability, and overall gearbox life. In general, published service factors are the minimum requirements for a particular application, but a higher value is necessary for severe loading. This calculation is also recommended for high-speed gearboxes. However, the service factor should not be a sole determining factor in the selection process.
The second gear of a pair of gears has more teeth than the first gear. It also turns slower, but with greater torque. The second gear always turns in the opposite direction. The animation demonstrates this change in direction. A gearbox can also have more than one pair of gears, and a first gear may be used for the reverse. When a gear is shifted from one position to another, the second gear is engaged and the first gear is engaged again.
Another term used to describe a gearbox is “gear box.” This term is an interchangeable term for different mechanical units containing gears. Gearboxes are commonly used to alter speed and torque in various applications. Hence, understanding the gearbox and its parts is essential to maintaining your car’s performance. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, be sure to check the gearbox’s efficiency. The better its functioning, the less likely it is to fail.


Automatic transmission boxes are almost identical to mechanical transmission boxes, but they also have an electronic component that determines the comfort of the driver. Automatic transmission boxes use special blocks to manage shifts effectively and take into account information from other systems, as well as the driver’s input. This ensures accuracy and positioning. The following are a few gearbox advantages:
A gearbox creates a small amount of drag when pedaling, but this drag is offset by the increased effort to climb. The external derailleur system is more efficient when adjusted for friction, but it does not create as little drag in dry conditions. The internal gearbox allows engineers to tune the shifting system to minimize braking issues, pedal kickback, and chain growth. As a result, an internal gearbox is a great choice for bikes with high-performance components.
Helical gearboxes offer some advantages, including a low noise level and lower vibration. They are also highly durable and reliable. They can be extended in modular fashion, which makes them more expensive. Gearboxes are best for applications involving heavy loads. Alternatively, you can opt for a gearbox with multiple teeth. A helical gearbox is more durable and robust, but it is also more expensive. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.
A gearbox with a manual transmission is often more energy-efficient than one with an automatic transmission. Moreover, these cars typically have lower fuel consumption and higher emissions than their automatic counterparts. In addition, the driver does not have to worry about the brakes wearing out quickly. Another advantage of a manual transmission is its affordability. A manual transmission is often available at a lower cost than its automatic counterpart, and repairs and interventions are easier and less costly. And if you have a mechanical problem with the gearbox, you can control the fuel consumption of your vehicle with appropriate driving habits.


While choosing a gearbox for a specific application, the customer should consider the load on the output shaft. High impact loads will wear out gear teeth and shaft bearings, requiring higher service factors. Other factors to consider are the size and style of the output shaft and the environment. Detailed information on these factors will help the customer choose the best gearbox. Several sizing programs are available to determine the most appropriate gearbox for a specific application.
The sizing of a gearbox depends on its input speed, torque, and the motor shaft diameter. The input speed must not exceed the required gearbox’s rating, as high speeds can cause premature seal wear. A low-backlash gearbox may be sufficient for a particular application. Using an output mechanism of the correct size may help increase the input speed. However, this is not recommended for all applications. To choose the right gearbox, check the manufacturer’s warranty and contact customer service representatives.
Different gearboxes have different strengths and weaknesses. A standard gearbox should be durable and flexible, but it must also be able to transfer torque efficiently. There are various types of gears, including open gearing, helical gears, and spur gears. Some of the types of gears can be used to power large industrial machines. For example, the most popular type of gearbox is the planetary drive gearbox. These are used in material handling equipment, conveyor systems, power plants, plastics, and mining. Gearboxes can be used for high-speed applications, such as conveyors, crushers, and moving monorail systems.
Service factors determine the life of a gearbox. Often, manufacturers recommend a service factor of 1.0. However, the actual value may be higher or lower than that. It is often useful to consider the service factor when choosing a gearbox for a particular application. A service factor of 1.4 means that the gearbox can handle 1.4 times the load required. For example, a 1,000-inch-pound gearbox would need a 1,400-inch-pound gearbox. Service factors can be adjusted to suit different applications and conditions.

China Hot selling Agriculture Gearbox Patrol New Design Bevel Mixer Tractor Motorcycle Harmonic Overdrive Satellite Antenna Generator Bike Reverse   cvt gearbox	China Hot selling Agriculture Gearbox Patrol New Design Bevel Mixer Tractor Motorcycle Harmonic Overdrive Satellite Antenna Generator Bike Reverse   cvt gearbox
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China Mini Tractor Gearbox with 6+1 or 8+2 Gearshift for Export gearbox assembly

Solution Description

one) 6+1 gearshift and 8+2 gearshift for your choice.
2) for 15hp-35hp little 4 wheel tractor.
three)far more than 30 years technologies and design and style, very good quality.

Mr Luther Hu
QQ ID:         308.738.134


To Be Negotiated 500 Pieces
(Min. Order)


Type: Gearbox
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing
Material: Iron
Power Source: Diesel
Transport Package: in Loose Packing
Specification: 6+1 & 8+2 gearshift


To Be Negotiated 500 Pieces
(Min. Order)


Type: Gearbox
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing
Material: Iron
Power Source: Diesel
Transport Package: in Loose Packing
Specification: 6+1 & 8+2 gearshift



The Parts of a Gearbox

There are many parts of a Gearbox, and this article will help you understand its functions and components. Learn about its maintenance and proper care, and you’ll be on your way to repairing your car. The complexity of a Gearbox also makes it easy to make mistakes. Learn about its functions and components so that you’ll be able to make the best choices possible. Read on to learn more. Then, get your car ready for winter!


Gearboxes are fully integrated mechanical components that consist of a series of gears. They also contain shafts, bearings, and a flange to mount a motor. The terms gearhead and gearbox are not often used interchangeably in the motion industry, but they are often synonymous. Gearheads are open gearing assemblies that are installed in a machine frame. Some newer designs, such as battery-powered mobile units, require tighter integration.
The power losses in a gearbox can be divided into no-load and load-dependent losses. The no-load losses originate in the gear pair and the bearings and are proportional to the ratio of shaft speed and torque. The latter is a function of the coefficient of friction and speed. The no-load losses are the most serious, since they represent the largest proportion of the total loss. This is because they increase with speed.
Temperature measurement is another important preventive maintenance practice. The heat generated by the gearbox can damage components. High-temperature oil degrades quickly at high temperatures, which is why the sump oil temperature should be monitored periodically. The maximum temperature for R&O mineral oils is 93degC. However, if the sump oil temperature is more than 200degF, it can cause seal damage, gear and bearing wear, and premature failure of the gearbox.
Regardless of its size, the gearbox is a crucial part of a car’s drivetrain. Whether the car is a sports car, a luxury car, or a farm tractor, the gearbox is an essential component of the vehicle. There are two main types of gearbox: standard and precision. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important consideration when selecting a gearbox is the torque output.
The main shaft and the clutch shaft are the two major components of a gearbox. The main shaft runs at engine speed and the countershaft may be at a lower speed. In addition to the main shaft, the clutch shaft has a bearing. The gear ratio determines the amount of torque that can be transferred between the countershaft and the main shaft. The drive shaft also has another name: the propeller shaft.
The gears, shafts, and hub/shaft connection are designed according to endurance design standards. Depending on the application, each component must be able to withstand the normal stresses that the system will experience. Oftentimes, the minimum speed range is ten to twenty m/s. However, this range can differ between different transmissions. Generally, the gears and shafts in a gearbox should have an endurance limit that is less than that limit.
The bearings in a gearbox are considered wear parts. While they should be replaced when they wear down, they can be kept in service much longer than their intended L10 life. Using predictive maintenance, manufacturers can determine when to replace the bearing before it damages the gears and other components. For a gearbox to function properly, it must have all the components listed above. And the clutch, which enables the transmission of torque, is considered the most important component.


A gearbox is a fully integrated mechanical component that consists of mating gears. It is enclosed in a housing that houses the shafts, bearings, and flange for motor mounting. The purpose of a gearbox is to increase torque and change the speed of an engine by connecting the two rotating shafts together. A gearbox is generally made up of multiple gears that are linked together using couplings, belts, chains, or hollow shaft connections. When power and torque are held constant, speed and torque are inversely proportional. The speed of a gearbox is determined by the ratio of the gears that are engaged to transmit power.
The gear ratios in a gearbox are the number of steps a motor can take to convert torque into horsepower. The amount of torque required at the wheels depends on the operating conditions. A vehicle needs more torque than its peak torque when it is moving from a standstill. Therefore, the first gear ratio is used to increase torque and move the vehicle forward. To move up a gradient, more torque is required. To maintain momentum, the intermediate gear ratio is used.
As metal-to-metal contact is a common cause of gearbox failure, it is essential to monitor the condition of these components closely. The main focus of the proactive series of tests is abnormal wear and contamination, while the preventative tests focus on oil condition and additive depletion. The AN and ferrous density tests are exceptions to this rule, but they are used more for detecting abnormal additive depletion. In addition, lubrication is critical to the efficiency of gearboxes.


Daily maintenance is a critical aspect of the life cycle of a gearbox. During maintenance, you must inspect all gearbox connection parts. Any loose or damaged connection part should be tightened immediately. Oil can be tested using an infrared thermometer and particle counters, spectrometric analysis, or ferrography. You should check for excessive wear and tear, cracks, and oil leaks. If any of these components fail, you should replace them as soon as possible.
Proper analysis of failure patterns is a necessary part of any preventative maintenance program. This analysis will help identify the root cause of gearbox failures, as well as plan for future preventative maintenance. By properly planning preventative maintenance, you can avoid the expense and inconvenience of repairing or replacing a gearbox prematurely. You can even outsource gearbox maintenance to a company whose experts are knowledgeable in this field. The results of the analysis will help you create a more effective preventative maintenance program.
It is important to check the condition of the gearbox oil periodically. The oil should be changed according to its temperature and the hours of operation. The temperature is a significant determinant of the frequency of oil changes. Higher temperatures require more frequent changes, and the level of protection from moisture and water reduces by 75%. At elevated temperatures, the oil’s molecular structure breaks down more quickly, inhibiting the formation of a protective film.
Fortunately, the gear industry has developed innovative technologies and services that can help plant operators reduce their downtime and ensure optimal performance from their industrial gears. Here are 10 steps to ensure that your gearbox continues to serve its purpose. When you are preparing for maintenance, always keep in mind the following tips:
Regular vibration analysis is a vital part of gearbox maintenance. Increased vibration signals impending problems. Visually inspect the internal gears for signs of spiraling and pitting. You can use engineers’ blue to check the contact pattern of gear teeth. If there is a misalignment, bearings or housings are worn and need replacement. Also make sure the breathers remain clean. In dirty applications, this is more difficult to do.
Proper lubrication is another key factor in the life of gearboxes. Proper lubrication prevents failure. The oil must be free of foreign materials and have the proper amount of flow. Proper lubricant selection depends on the type of gear, reduction ratio, and input power. In addition to oil level, the lubricant must be regulated for the size and shape of gears. If not, the lubricant should be changed.
Lack of proper lubrication reduces the strength of other gears. Improper maintenance reduces the life of the transmission. Whether the transmission is overloaded or undersized, excessive vibration can damage the gear. If it is not properly lubricated, it can be damaged beyond repair. Then, the need for replacement gears may arise. However, it is not a time to waste a lot of money and time on repairs.

China Mini Tractor Gearbox with 6+1 or 8+2 Gearshift for Export     gearbox assembly	China Mini Tractor Gearbox with 6+1 or 8+2 Gearshift for Export     gearbox assembly
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Owing to our sincerity in giving best service to our clients, comprehension of your demands and overriding sense of obligation toward filling buying requirements, The new products contain a collection of substantial-tech and higher top quality chains and sprockets and gears, this sort of as chains and gearboxes for agricultural machineries, metallurgical chains, escalator step-chains, high-speed tooth chains, timing chains, self-lubrication chains, between which have type large pace tooth chain for automobile department dynamic box and aerial chains fill in the blanks of chain in China. Furthermore, WE CAN Produce Custom-made VARIATORS, GEARED MOTORS, Electrical MOTORS AND OTHER HYDRAULIC Goods In accordance TO CUSTOMERS’ DRAWINGS. Solution Description
SGR planetary EPT motor
EPT info:
1. Ratio assortment: 8.one-191
2. Enter EPT: .12-270 KW
3. Allow torque rang: le 50000 N. M
4. Output speed: .3~205 r/min
5. Construction: Foot-mounted, flange-mounted, shaft-mounted

Input composition motor,IEC flange
Output velocity motor,IEC flange,enter shaft
sound shaft, hollow shaft with crucial,with shrink disk

one. Adopt optimized design, module mixture, rigEPT angle output, room reduction
two. Substantial energy and EPTevity EPTs
3. Can be combined with a variety of motors, wiEPTratio variety
four. Large output torque, efficiently startup, higher efficiency
Production photographs:


1.Are you a manufacturing unit or traEPT?
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four. Payment phrase
100% T/T EPT and LC at sigEPT .
five. Do you acknowledge customization ?
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6. EPT
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seven. Delivery time
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8. What sorts of certification do you use ?
DNV-ISO9001:2008, SGS,CE and so forth, And new products patent.
9. What sorts of inspection you do just before shipment ?
We do temperature check, sounds, and oil leak inspection and commissioning prior to cargo.
10.How do you resolve if the creation have dilemma ?
Mostly, we never want customer deliver the items back again to us. Due to the fact the EPT is very high, if there meets a issue,we firstly question for the images for damaged parts. And foundation on the photos, we can have a fundamental concept for the defect cause. Our guarantee is 12 months, if throughout the assure, we can offer repair .

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French shop made in China – replacement parts – ford 8n pto shaft adapter Like 25-55HP Tractor Hydraulic Side Mi-Heavy Mulcher with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the biggest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 different branches. For far more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

French  shop  made in China - replacement parts -   ford 8n pto shaft adapter Like 25-55HP Tractor Hydraulic Side Mi-Heavy Mulcher  with ce certificate top quality low price

sq. pto yoke Below 2007 chevy equinox travel shaft the pto coupler caught assistance mahindra pto shaft of proper cv axle managerial bush hog batwing pto shaft perception 2007 infiniti m35x entrance push shaft of off highway generate shaft “Serving pto shafts and yokes canada agriculture, 2015 mustang driveshaft scoring a achievement through good quality of merchandise and honesty in business”, our merchandise have been trustworthy by customers and have obtained a greater share of market place. EPG is specialised in style, maker and product sales of agricultural equipment and farm implements, which has an impartial import and export legal rights. Solution description&colon
By high-velocity rotation of spindle&comma it is utilised for mowing in the subject&comma and weeds no much more than fifty percent a meter&time period It can turn in excess of its entire body&comma for weeds on a slope and aspect trimming on the trees&time period

Two&period Efficiency and edge
one&period of time Transmission&colon By sturdy toothed belts&interval
two&interval It has hydraulic cylinders to adjust the proper and left motion and turn more than the physique&period of time
3&period Gearbox is created of graphite casting iron&period Substance performance is far better&interval Not straightforward damaged&period of time
4&interval Following dynamic balance examination&comma the blade axle can run stably at higher pace&comma with reduced sound&time period
five&period The blades have much more amount&comma greater density and larger mowing efficiency&period
6&period of time The roller is geared up with bearing on equally ends&comma so it can operate much more flexibly&comma with out more powerful donning&period of time
7&time period Y shape blades and hammers are optional&comma to meet up with the requirements of diverse customer&period of time
eight&period of time The body can be turned in excess of&comma so it has a wider variety of software&period of time

Firm introduction
HangZhou EPT sector & trade Co&time period&comma Ltd&interval&comma is a professional maker and exporter of total established of farm equipment and backyard too EPT for 11 many years&comma primarily such as mowers&comma tillers&comma plows and Japanese tractor parts&comma and so forth&interval

We sincerely welcome consumers overseas to pay a visit to us to go over cooperation and look for frequent advancement&time period We imagine our firm is your most trustworthy spouse and buddy&excl

Trade terms
1&time period Trade phrases&colon FOB&comma CIF&comma EXW
2&period of time Sample plan&colon You can check the quality of our sample to begin with just before you obtain them in mass amount&time period
3&time period MOQ&colon 1 set
four&period Payment way&colon T&solT&comma L&solC&comma western union&comma d&solp&period
5&interval Delivery date&colon ten-thirty times soon after deposit compensated&time period It depends on your get quantity&period of time
six&interval Delivery way&colon By sea or by air&period of time
seven&period of time After support&colon 12 months guarantee of the primary elements&comma we will send out the assure components jointly with the device in your subsequent order or we can send out them by air convey if you require them urgently&period

Very best right after-sale provider
We have France department&interval EPT Europe can give Europe consumer best support&period of time
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Product EFGL-one hundred twenty five EFGL-135 EFGL-150
Dimension&lparmm&rpar 1400×1545×840 1500×1545×840 1650×1545×840
Excess weight&lparKg&rpar three hundred KG 320Kg 350KG
Slicing Width 1250mm 1350mm 1500mm
PTO Enter Velocity 540r&solmin 540r&solmin 540r&solmin
Hammer blades&lparnormal&rpar 24 28 28
Y condition blades&lparoption&rpar forty eight 56 56
Electricity Required 25-45HP 30-50HP 35-55HP
Angle -60°~&plus90° -60°~&plus90° -60°~&plus90°
Packing dimension&lparmm&rpar 1450&ast880&ast700 1550&ast880&ast700 1700&ast880&ast700

Kevin Gao
HP&colon &plus86 – 13770827333

French  shop  made in China - replacement parts -   ford 8n pto shaft adapter Like 25-55HP Tractor Hydraulic Side Mi-Heavy Mulcher  with ce certificate top quality low price